How Calgary Harvest Works

Interested in registering your fruit tree?  When you register your tree, your information goes into our database.  You should be contacted by your local coordinator either at the start of harvest season, or just before your tree is ready, or both.  If you haven't heard from us, check your spam filter.  We will not pick your tree without making arrangements with you first.  If you have signed up in a previous year, you will remain on the list.  If you don't want your tree picked in a subsequent year, or it hasn't set fruit, just let your coordinator know.  You will be offered a third of the harvest.  It is your choice if you want it or not, we just ask that you provide your own containers for your share.  If you have equipment we can use, that's great, we also have some of our own.  A couple of things you should know.  Calgary Harvest is organized and run by volunteers.  We are not professional fruit harvesters.  We will not get to every tree in a season, but will hopefully let you know if we aren't going to make it.  That said, we get a bit overwhelmed during harvest season.  We do pick crabapple trees, but again, will not be able to pick all of them.  If you have a tall tree, you will probably find that we pick the lower fruit and leave the upper fruit.  This is because our ladders aren't tall enough and safety is very important to us.  If you have more questions, contact us.

Interested in becoming a fruit harvester?  When you sign up as a volunteer, you should be contacted at the start of harvest season.  You may also get an e-mail from your local coordinator when they post a harvest.  Haven't heard from us?  Check your spam filter.  If your e-mail address has changed, send us a message using the contact form.  Harvests will be posted on this website.  If you see one you want to do, just sign up for it.  You are not restricted to harvests in your area, you can sign up for any harvest.  Sign up for as many or as few harvests as you like.  Harvests often happen on the weekend, but can also happen during weekdays and weekday evenings.  As a harvester, you will split a third of the harvest with your fellow harvesters.  We get lots of apples and crabapples, a few pears, some sour cherries, and plums most years.  We have a few fruit pickers, but little other equipment.  If you have a ladder and can transport it, that helps.  Don't have a car?  No problem.  Generally everyone meets at a location and then carpools are organized from there.  The coordinator will make sure they have enough drivers.  If you have more questions, please contact us.